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Year in Review

Dave Barry has always been a favorite of mine.  If you’d like to get a quick hilarious rundown on the events of the past year, go check out his year in review.


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Ten Thousand Hits

Well I don’t know when it happened, but this blog officially has over 10,000 hits. I would have never expected anywhere close to that when I started blogging, unless maybe just three or four of my friends clicked 3,000 times each! In any case, it feels good to hit the big 10K. Thanks for reading (and commenting) in 2007!

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Bhutto and Jesus

I’m usually not well-informed regarding international news, but for whatever reason, I’ve really been following the Benazir Bhutto assassination. The thing that I’ve been fascinated with was her choice to return to Pakistan in spite of the nearly inevitable consequences of her arrival. Last night, Wolf Blitzer and assorted security experts were astonished by her lack of concern for personal safety as she continually left the “bubble of security” to mingle with the crowd and appear through the sun roof of the car in which she was riding.

Again and again, I couldn’t help but think of how this mirrors, at least on the surface, the political implications Jesus’ return to Jerusalem, “When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51).” Now, I don’t want to go any further down the road of drawing parallels between Bhutto and Jesus; that’s not my point. I’m just saying her choice to return to Pakistan in spite of the nigh inevitable consequences parallels Jesus’ decision to go up to Jerusalem in spite of what was in store for him there. Bhutto’s decisions simply gave me a modern parallel of Jesus setting his face toward Jerusalem.

As I pondered this, I once again realized the incredible strange reality of the gospel accounts of Jesus. CNN’s coverage of Jesus’ political execution wouldn’t have ended with the cross and extended pondering about the future of Israel. It would have probably died down a bit, only to take off three days later with the strange claims of his followers, “He is no longer dead, he is risen!” Imagine that. What in the world would the Situation Room do with that kind of news?

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A Few Updates

You’ll notice a few updates to the blog. I’ve put a new header at the top, I’ve gently re-written the “about” page, and I’ve added an avatar with my picture. Notice, I didn’t say improvements…just updates! 🙂

My family and I have enjoyed the time with family and friends. I hope you all had a terrific Christmas as well!

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Christmas Books

I always get books for Christmas from my Mom, and this year was no different.  So, my latest additions are:

They Like Jesus...Leviticus

I’ve already started reading Dan Kimball’s book (I read his online chapter awhile back), and I really like his emphasis on getting outside of the office and living missionally as a pastor.  The other book, a commentary on Leviticus, is more of a reference work for leading bible studies, answering questions, and preaching.  I also got a gift certificate to, so I’ll be getting a nice assortment of books in a few weeks, including my books for my January D.Min. class.  2008 should be a good year for reading!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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Catching Meddlers: Top Five Posts of 2007

I loved Gavin’s idea about posting our top five posts of 2007. I went through and checked out the hits for my posts, and these are the five with the highest totals (with #1 being the most viewed).  Apparently ordination questions are far more popular than any of us could have ever imagined.  Personally, of these five, I like #2 and #4 best.

  1. Ordination Questions: Traditional Evangelical Doctrines
  2. Our God is More Merciful Than That
  3. Ordination Questions: Kingdom of God, Resurrection, and Eternal Life
  4. Ordination Questions: Nature & Mission of the Church
  5. A Good Man is Hard to Find on Ash Wednesday

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