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End of an Era…Well at Least a Vacation

I’m two days away from the end of my vacation. Tomorrow we will be attending Mass at Saint Catherine’s of Siena, my in-laws parish. I always enjoy attending mass, but feel left out by not being able to receive the elements.

Our Annual Conference starts a week from Sunday, so that is on the horizon. I love seeing all of the other pastors I admire and enjoy talking to. I don’t look forward to other parts, especially voting on resolutions. Sometimes I feel like we propose and vote on resolutions just to feel like we’ve accomplished some “social justice,” sort of like adding sweetener to our coffee (pardon my skepticism, it’s a holdover from my science days).

Today, I’m feelng down because vacation is almost over. I’ve loved spending time with my wife and kids while having almost zero responsibilities. I’m also feeling that weird feeling that I get every now and then.

On a positive note, bishops are planning on planting new churches! That is a very positive sign, I believe. I pray that our conference will do this and reach new unchurched folks.

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