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Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

The new theological commentary on the bible by Brazos Press is something I’m incredibly excited about. The first commentary on Acts by Jaroslav Pelikan was good in its own way, but it seemed to use Acts as a springboard for theological exposition more than what I would expect in a theological commentary. Then again, there is no consensus on what theological commentary really is! Don’t misunderstand here, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, just a little different than I expected.

MatthewOn the other hand, Stanley Hauerwas’ commentary on Matthew is more what I expected from a commentary series from a theological perspective. It is a narrative reading of the gospel that intentionally interacts with theological themes and asks the question, “What kind of theological perspective is Matthew trying to create?” Even though you’ll get a steady dose of SH (depending on your perspective that may be good or bad), you’ll also get an incredibly enriching and fresh reading of Matthew’ Gospel. This is my devotional reading right now as I’m reading it along with the Gospel itself, and I find it challenging and spiritually deep. I look forward to reading the commentary on I & II Kings by Peter Leithart

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Dangerous Words of Jesus Video & Readings

Found this resource at Tall Skinny Kiwi’s blog the other day, and really thought it was really powerful and cool. I’m planning on using it at either district camp or at some other youth worship event: Sigur Ros and the Dangerous Words of Jesus

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